What I drew in my sketchbook when I was extremely sick last week. Can you pin point the time in which the NyQuil kicked in?

One of my closest friends challenged me to the ALS Ice bucket challenge! Not only did I donate but I also did the challenge my way- with key frame photoshop animating! HOORAY!

I had a lot of fun with this and I hope more people donate to this worthy cause and get creative!

My Boom! girls all finished! 

Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic! 

Gotta go moe.

Had a pretty fun time drawing for a bunch of lovely people at Wizard World Chicago this past weekend! I also did some sketches for myself in between.

Also the really freaking slow Zora King and Daft Punk showed up at my table. I was completely star struck!

Excuse the terrible photos of the sketches as overhead lighting at cons leaves you with terrible pictures.

I’ve been on a traditional media kick the past week or so. Who better to break in my colored pencils other than the wonderfully bright Grimes?


Decided to get out the copics to break the monotony of digital art! Drew my magical wrestling girl Bebe in her very elegant ring gear.

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