I’ve been on a traditional media kick the past week or so. Who better to break in my colored pencils other than the wonderfully bright Grimes?


Decided to get out the copics to break the monotony of digital art! Drew my magical wrestling girl Bebe in her very elegant ring gear.

sirithesquirrel asked:
Are you going to be boothing at Wizard World Chicago this year? I saw you last year and would love to drop by again.

I indeed am! It’s rather last minute but I will be there with a few new prints and stickers! And high fives! And maybe candy… :)

I made a Sailor Moon / Sonic 2 crossover design in hopes that one of the 24 hour t-shirt companies would accept the design. I got awfully close, but sadly no one bit on this one. But I still am really proud of this design and I plan on making stickers of it and maybe even printing a limited run of shirts myself!

Would anyone be interested if this was a shirt design I sold myself? Let me know! 

Two more sketches from my sketchbook! Ravi my Draken from Wildstar and a concept sketch of a character for my web comic re-write.

The Idolm@ster sketches from my sketchbook! I want to play this game SOOOO BAD. Wish I could understand Japanese!

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