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Are you going to be boothing at Wizard World Chicago this year? I saw you last year and would love to drop by again.

I indeed am! It’s rather last minute but I will be there with a few new prints and stickers! And high fives! And maybe candy… :)

I made a Sailor Moon / Sonic 2 crossover design in hopes that one of the 24 hour t-shirt companies would accept the design. I got awfully close, but sadly no one bit on this one. But I still am really proud of this design and I plan on making stickers of it and maybe even printing a limited run of shirts myself!

Would anyone be interested if this was a shirt design I sold myself? Let me know! 

Two more sketches from my sketchbook! Ravi my Draken from Wildstar and a concept sketch of a character for my web comic re-write.

The Idolm@ster sketches from my sketchbook! I want to play this game SOOOO BAD. Wish I could understand Japanese!

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Thought I’d finally make a post featuring some of my commission work I do for an awesome youtube channel called “Brony Nerds and Gamers”! I’ve been working for them for about a year and they always give me really fun, colorful mash ups! A lot of them involve the two main channel hosts ponysonas (Pancake the blue one and Bonfire the purple one) dressed up in the theme of the games they play! (You can actually see my Ponysona, Pixie, in the FF card with the green pixie cut!)

These four cards I did are currently my favorite but I’ve done a bunch for them and I made the banner too! If you want to check them out go give ‘em a watch and a subscribe at:

I also do a monthly podcast with them on video game culture on the channel as well called “Button Mashers”! Check that out too!


Examples of some of the commission work I’ve done in the past! You can check out even more on my blog (octoroxxxartblog.tumblr)

As you read in my tragic, tragic comic, my poor laptop is crossing over to the other side…AKA not working properly and running out of space and crashing all the time and…really at the end of the day my work load has become too much for poor miss laptop to handle.

I’m planning to upgrade to the big(ger) leagues and build a custom cpu to handle my work load and also get some actual animating software in my handso I can make my visions come to life! 

My goal is about 950 for the CPU alone. It’s a big goal but with a bit of day job saving and slaving away making art for you, I can make it happen sooner than later! 

Okay! Pricing: 

Ink (traditional ink wash and pen) character w/limited color = 10.00 

Ink only (digital black and white) 1 character = 15.00

Each additional BW ink only character = 5.00

1 character (digital ink and full color/shading) = 25.00 

each additional character (digital ink and full color/shading)= 15.00

If you are interested please email me at with an idea of what you want and reference photos if you have them! 

I am willing to draw OCs, pretty much any character from pop culture, anyone in real life anthro, pony, …pretty much anything but keep it PG-13 please. If you’re really dying for something saucy I can work it out with you, depending on how much it digs into my comfort zone haha.

Otherwise, please spread the word! Even signal boosting helps! If you are interested is the place you want to email :) 

Thank you for reading! Now scroll on to read more about sexy people and food and pugs and stuff.

UPDATE! I raised enough to purchase the monitors! :) thank you all so much for your support so far! It’s wonderful to be able to support yourself from what you love to do! I just need a few more commissions to help bring my sweet computer home! If you or anyone you know is interested please email me at! If not, just spreading the love and reblogging this is a huge help! Thanks everyone

Drew the MCU Bucky and the comic universe Bucky hanging out together for a really fun commission to save my computer! :) It was a line art only request but I think it’d look pretty cute colored in too! (Well comic Bucky at least…)

If you also wanna get some awesome art just let me know :D You can help me afford a new computer for animating! How spiff!

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