Bucky looks like an angsty teen being scolded by his dad.

It kind of fits the more I think about it…

Either way, if you’re in Chicago this upcoming weekend at C2E2 be sure to stop by my artist alley table and pick up one of these Winter soldier themed mini prints! I also like high fives!

Here are just a few of the commissions I did in the past week or so from my commission sale! I have way too much fun with these! 

Top is a good friend of mine and fellow Brony Nerds and Gamers member Don with his ponysona Bonfire, bottom left is Tara’(clockworkfoxillustration.tumblr) OC being classy and demonic, and the bottom right is a phone case design for one of my favorite clients Michael!

If you want to get in on a 15 or 25 dollar commission like the ones up here just send me an email to: stephmided@gmail.com

the details are up on my blog! :) 

In the midst of all this con prep and commission work I still find time to relax and draw for myself…

and when I draw for myself I draw JRPG anime babes ~ 

I just really, really like before and after progresshots! I’m so excited to be able to share the launch of my webcomic “scout” very soon! It will be launched in about two weeks during C2E2 weekend! :) 

Working on some cool stuff for C2E2! 

Hey everyone!

I’m raising money to fund my con expenses for the next month or so as well as me moving out into a new place with my boyfriend and pals! What better way than with a spring art sale? 

1 full body, full color character is only 15 bucks!

2 full body, full color characters is only 25! 

Up top are some examples of character work and commissions I’ve done before! (Left: Attack on Titan, Middle: My comic character Bebe, Right: Commission for Ken Ashcorp of his cute mascot!)

I accept payments through paypal! 

Hope to be drawing something fun for you all soon!

I applied to be a storyboard artist for “Miss Officer and Mr Truffles” (http://officialmoamt.tumblr.com) and for the application we were prompted to take a scene from a movie or show and board it in three distinctly different ways. I had waaaay too much fun with this…


I chose the infamous “You can’t sit with us!” scene from the all mighty movie “Mean Girls”. Here is my third and final take on it: TV sitcom! If only I could add audio clips of studio audiences…

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